Tuesday 3 June 2008

Things we didn’t make

If anyone knows what a bitch it is to work with our mod tools, it’s us. And what we sent out to our pioneer users is even horribler than what we’re currently using in-house. So when we see what some people have managed to do with our shoddy tools, we’re seriously impressed. Have a quick look at these bits of work in progress.

Davidwww’s spaceship, trucks, and cityscape with curving roads

Equinoxx’s window sticker

Forgeuk’s “bloke in a jar” with custom t-shirt.

And yes, we will be releasing a proper version of the Modder’s Workshop. We will, we will! Just not this month, OK? In the meantime, well done to all of you who made it through the existing Modder’s Minefield.


AngriBuddhist said...

LoL. Is there any idea when the less "horribler" version will be heading our way?

Matt Kelland said...

When DaveL says he's finished it and DaveP agrees with him. ;)

David said...

Just in case everyone thinks I'm a modeling Genius, the Starship is from Google 3D warehouse, the roads are from somewhere else I can't remember and the rest are from Amazing3D.com, the only model I have made is the SciFi console in sketchup, it was my first one, but all the work that went into getting them into Moviestorm that I can take credit for.

AngriBuddhist said...

@Matt- Screenshots?