Friday 20 June 2008

Machinima. It's Serious.

On Monday 23rd I'm speaking at the Serious Games conference in Cambridge. I'm doing a panel with Saint John Walker of FDMX entitled Machinima and Cineliteracy: Learning Film-Making Virtually. We're looking at ways in which machinima can be used to teach people how to express themselves audio-visually by introducing them to the grammar of film-making, and the basic concepts of choreography, cutting, and reportage. We're then exploring ways in which being able to use audio-visual media effectively can affect education methods.

It's not just a Moviestorm plug - we'll also be covering machinima made with Antics, Second Life, and others.

If you're there, come and say hello.


AngriBuddhist said...

So, how was the conference Matt? Would you do it again?

Matt Kelland said...

Much delayed reply - I met some interesting people, as you always do at these events. And yes, I will almost certainly do more of these.