Monday, 28 November 2011

New packs for 1.5

A very harried Amos told me earlier today that testing on 1.5 is going well, and we're aiming for a release date "very early in December".  He wouldn't commit himself any further than that, and there's only so much threatening I can do on your behalf from 5000 miles away.

He did, however, let slip that the long awaited sword fighting pack will be released "in time for Christmas", and that before that, there will be an "Indian pack" that's been ready to go for a while, just waiting on some code that's in the new release.  That will include some interior and exterior sets, plus a few costumes - acha hai!

I'll try to get the guys to snap a couple of screenshots of the new stuff when they're not so busy, and we'll post them for you here.


Will Shetterly said...

Indian as in India or American Indians? Cool either way!

kera said...

Ah, early December! Right around the time of my birthday! (Oh, Indian! PERFECT for my mom's next birthday vid! REAAALLY into Bollywood.)

Will Shetterly said...

Ah, "acha hai!" is the clue. Looking forward to that pack--and some Bollywood vids!