Monday 31 January 2011

Bare bones...

This came in from Chris this morning.

"I have stripped the Male and Female base files to a minimum state and put them on [the server]."

They need a quick check over from Ben & Amos before we sign them off, and then we'll be able to release the Moviestorm skeletons to the modding community. With luck, that'll be some time this week, but no absolutely guarantees.

They'll be unsupported and undocumented, but we're sure that some of the more enterprising modders will find ways to make them work and do some weird and wonderful stuff with them.


Unknown said...

Excellent! This should cause a mild explosion of possibilities in the modding community. Well done!

Unknown said...

I meant major, not mild lol

When you say undocumented, does that also mean that we won't have bone names as well, or are those at least included?

Matt Kelland said...

If you can open the files then you will be able to read the bone names.