Monday 17 August 2009

Moviestorm imminent

We're just in the process of assembling patch release Code's all written, and we're now going through all the usual deployment procedures.

It's not a big release: in fact, it only contains one bug fix, but we decided it was worth while shipping this to you, as it's quite a nasty one.

As reported in the forums, canceling a render causes Moviestorm to crash, potentially leaving a movie unsaved. This was introduced in, released on July 10, when we changed how sound worked during rendering (to fix some other problems), and accidentally introduced this bug by failing to move all the necessary logic to the right place.

We'll get this out as soon as we can.


Anonymous said...

When is this patch going to be released?

Matt Kelland said...

It came out on August 17. Just start up Moviestorm and hit update.