Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Run, Stormer, Run!

With the release of the Special Effects pack imminent, and the code support for the next few packs already complete (music and hair), the engineering team are now hammering away at Moviestorm 1.1.7.

The three key issues we're tackling for Moviestorm 1.1.7 are performance, performance, and performance. In other words, you probably won't see any major new features, but you'll see Moviestorm running noticeably faster, particularly in terms of load times. We're now at the stage where we're trimming fractions of a second off things, and while progress feels painfully slow at times, the end result is already feeling very different.

August is, of course, holiday season, so we're aiming to ship 1.1.7 some time in September.


Walvince said...

Performance! Love this word!
Holidays? What is this??

twak said...

now 31 times faster :)

Anonymous said...

Performance. Yay. But are the improvements in character animation, as shown in the post "Smoothly does it" going in as planned?

Matt Kelland said...

Animation improvements - yep.