Monday 20 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Ben!

This is Ben.

Ben is cool because (1) he makes Moviestorm happen* (2) he's a truly awesome Magic The Gathering player.**

Ben is now 35.

Ben's beard is now 67.

Happy birthday, Ben!

*No, really. Without him, Moviestorm would be a pile of disconnected code and art and wouldn't actually do anything at all. Show the man some love.
**As in really, really, awesome. He's so awesome it makes you go woah, dude, that's, like, awesome!


saument said...

Happy birthday, Ben!

Unknown said...

I'll tap one black, one red, one green and two colorless mana to play a global enchantment called "Happy Birthday Ben!"

Card effects: Upkeep: Ben must drink 1 beer

While this enchantment is in play, creatures cannot attack. Instead, each creature in play must throw a party for Ben and give him a wonderful day.

Upkeep must be payed until Ben is no longer conscious. Once Ben is unconscious, remove "Happy Birthday Ben!" from play and return to deck.

Have a great one Ben! And if I end up on that side of the Atlantic, sir, I would have a duel with you!

Matt Kelland said...

Sorry, not a valid play. Ben doesn't drink, and therefore is immune to all beer-related effects.

equinoxx said...

Happy birthday, Ben!

Unknown said...

Oh, good play Ben, good play......