Monday, 11 August 2014

Support needed by Moviestorm users for comic kickstarter project

Moviestorm users are being encouraged to pledge their support to an exciting new kickstarter project.
The kickstarter idea by Sam Midwood, or 'Zuckerman' on the Moviestorm forums, is for a comic based off an old Moviestorm short movie.

Sam spoke to Moviestorm recently to tell us about his kickstarter. He said: 
"I’ve written a mini-series called The Projectionist and I need your help, your generosity of spirit, to breathe life into issue number 1.
"That’s 24-pages of supernatural detectives, tough-as-nails cops, poltergeists, clairvoyants, goo-guns, and shadowy corporations."
"With this kickstarter we will be producing the first 22-page issue of The Projectionist six part mini-series in digital and print formats.
"The script is all ready for art, we've got a good price on a small but quality print-run, and we are beyond excited to get this first book out to you fine souls."
Sam created a short Moviestorm film entitled the Paranormal Transit Authority, which he based his new comic from.


Sam added: "Some years ago, before the story of The Projectionist fully came together, I began to play with the idea of the Paranormal Transit Authority. 
"I’d had these dreams where I was a ghost and was being chased by something. The dreams lead me to create The Paranormal Transit Authority which in-turn lead me to create The Projectionist.
"Around that same time, I was using Moviestorm quite a bit. I'd even entered a few contests with short films I’d made using Moviestorm, and won said contests.
"Moviestorm is an excellent 3D animation tool for hobbyists and professionals alike."


To see more about the project or to make a pledge click here:

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