Friday, 18 October 2013

Exclusive Moviestorm Halloween education offer: engage your students

As Halloween approaches, and kids all over the word gear up for the world of ghosts, ghouls and assorted horror, why not use the theme to engage them in classic literature and films?


 As this great article from Barnes & Noble suggests, horror should be embraced as a genre that inspires students to learn:
Clown5_250px.jpgCombining Moviestorm and horror is a great way to enthuse your students with writing. They can write the script to a short story, and quickly bring it to life as a film, without the usual logistical restraints associated with live filming, such as equipment, cast, crew, location and of course, budget.

Moviestorm supports all levels of horror, from pumpkins and graveyards, through to modern vampire stories and all sorts of ghastly monsters. People of all ages and abilities use Moviestorm - you do not need any technical, creative or filmmaking skills to get going with it's intuitive game-style interface.

To help you get started, we have assembled a fantastic seasonal offer for your school and students, allowing you all to get productive and start creatively enjoying film and literature horror for Halloween.

Buy 5 Moviestorm Education licences, get 5 free
Annual Home Use licences are under $5* per student

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Promotions open until 31 October 2013, so get going now to avoid missing out!

* Or £ / Euro equivalent

Featured Movie

Haunted House movie
Haunted House ...ghost caught on video!

How to Introduce Moviestorm
Advanced Skills Teacher and education advisor, James Durran, uses Moviestorm to enthuse students, ages 11-18, in English and visual literacy. 
Download this engaging introductory lesson plan

6th Form Media Teacher, Steve Thorne, uses Moviestorm to allow his students to introduce and practice the art of filmmaking.
Download this engaging introductory lesson plan

Student Activity
As a first filmmaking exercise, why not get your students to make a simple 'shocking' Halloween film like the one above?  Use the ''hide'/'unhide' function to make your monster appear on set when the viewer last expects it!

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Long Road college students using Moviestorm
Enter the graveyard, if you dare. Bones, the skeleton is sure to be there...

Long Road college students using Moviestorm

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