Wednesday 4 April 2012

Update to Bonus Content: Violin and animations.

This update to the Bonus Content includes a classical violin, which can be used on set as a static item or by your characters as an animated held prop. It includes a wooden or tintable body material and character animations so that it can be played on the low and high strings. Combine this prop with the piano, drum kit , saxaphone, trumpet and guitar items and you'll soon have a full band to perform in your movies!
(p.s. Bonus content is not currently available for Moviestorm Education users due to the lack of internet connectivity needed to regularly update the pack. However, we do update Moviestorm Education’s content to include all appropriate Bonus Content with each version update).


Will Shetterly said...


I only see animations for slow playing. Am I missing something?

Amos Willbond said...

That's correct. Updates to the timeline mean that you can scale the animations to play back at any speed you like.