Monday, 5 December 2011

Colonel Andrew "Flash" Kennedy

So, Movember is over, but my grips are far from!  The memsahib is far too in love with ‘em (not).

Thank you to all that contributed to bring awareness to such a worthy cause – I am thrilled to say that you have helped me contribute £225 to the Movember appeal ...and in the true spirit of these things, I am proud to say that I have given my plums a good squeeze, and there is nothing to report.  As for the clacker, I leave that investigation to another day.

If you wish to get a future missive on my hirsute journey, please let me know.

Until then, toodle pip and tally ho!


1 comment:

primaveranz said...

Aye keep posting those pics, we use them to scare birds in the garden ;)
Seriously, I think it looks rather suave, about time it came back into fashion.