Tuesday 12 July 2011

Asian Male Hairstyles.

Another update for our Bonus Content Pack will be published over the next few days, featuring some greatly needed “normal” hairstyles to use on your films characters!
We're calling these “Asian Male Hairstyles” due to the original design specifications, but we've found that they work surprisingly well on characters of all ethnicities... I've attached an image of a couple of characters to this post, so you can see what to expect.
The first of these hairstyles is morphable (you can increase the length of the fringe/ sideburns/ back), and there are colour variations for both hairstyles as usual.
If you are a paying subscriber, you can apply for your Bonus Content Pack at the bottom of this page. If you already have the pack it will update automatically when the patch is released. Bonus Content (which lasts as long as your Moviestorm subscription) is not available for trial accounts.


Will Shetterly said...

I love these little updates. A female doctor/scientist would be great for the next one--I know a hospital pack is on the someday list, but in the meantime, only having a male doc is awfully limiting.

Kate Fosk said...

These look really cool, what a great release!

Unknown said...

Sweet! Good likenesses of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan btw :)

Alutt said...

Super ! Moviestorm lack of hairstyles, go on on this way please ;).