Thursday, 18 November 2010


One of the things we've been dropping occasional hints about for a while now is a sword fighting pack. It's well under way now. We can't actually show you any fighting yet (in Chris's words, "all the Max files are men in their underpants"), but take a look at these little beauties.

They're all one-handed weapons (although yes, some of them would take extraordinary biceps to wield with one hand). We do have some two-handed stances and animations, but those are more poses rather than actual fighting moves. The idea is that the swords will also be tintable, so you can have black blades, silver pommels, or whatever takes your fancy.

That thing on the left, if you hadn't noticed it, is a light saber. (Well, when I say "light saber", I mean "a glowy sword-shaped weapon inspired by a light saber", of course. We don't have a license to do an actual light saber. Phew! The lawyers can stand down now.) Anyways, we're not entirely happy with it yet. We're trying to make it glow properly, but it's not really working as well as we'd like, so that may not make the initial release and may get held over for a later update. We'll see how it goes.

It's going to take a small update to Moviestorm to support all the new sword-fighting stuff, but we're aiming to ship this to you in early December.

En garde!


Killian said...

Wooo-eeee! All we need now is a medieval or fantasy costume pack and my fantasy epic can begin!

Can you say "Orcs and Goblins and maybe horses and dragons at some point?" I knew you could :D

Brandon Montoya said...

WOW! Eagerly, EAGERLY awaiting to buy this pack!

kibishipaul said...

Wondering is this also includes the recent demo of jumping and falling animations that Chris Ollis made. That one really blew my mind. Hope it's in the works somewhere (soon) ;-)

Unknown said...

Sounds cool. So how about a military pack. with hum vs,trucks tanks,all the good stuff for an all out field battle. tents,gear,weapons,crates, yada yada yada. Tho with the swords and a midevil pack. Then a Brave heart type movie would be cool to make.