Monday, 8 March 2010

Moviestorm 3D - coming soon!

Whether we like it or not, 3D is becoming a key part of movies these days. Last weekend, Tim Burton's Alice broke all opening records at the box office, taking $210m worldwide, half of which was in 3D screens. Avatar is still taking over $5m a week in 3D, even after three months. The release of Clash of the Titans was delayed by two months so they could convert it to 3D. Which is all very well for the big Hollywood studios, but what about no-budget film-makers like us?

Well, here's the good news. Very soon, you'll be able to make your own 3D movies with Moviestorm. Check this test clip out:

You'll need to watch it on YouTube's site, and you'll need some of those red/blue glasses. The cheap cardboard ones they give away with 3D DVDs will do just fine.

That was made right in Moviestorm. No post-processing. No multiple shots combined later. Just switch the 3D on, and when you render your movie, that's what you get. It couldn't really be any easier.

The Moviestorm 3D feature is still in development, but we're planning to ship it with the next major upgrade to Moviestorm, probably in a month or two. And then - we're really looking forward to seeing what you do with it!


Unknown said...

I saw this on Overman's blog and it is an exciting feature!

I am wondering though if there will be the ability to render in a format similar to RealD like modern 3d movies are, such as Alice In Wonderland and Avatar. The RealD 3D glasses are relatively easy to get these days, the red/cyan glasses, not so much. Also I think the RealD format is better quality 3d then the traditional red/cyan.

CD@Machinima Studios said...

Can't wait to see that stereoscopic 3D festure in Moviestorm. Hope we not only get a 3D render button, but all the important config options (like interocular distance and convergence) as well. Floating windows options would be great, but I guess that is abit too pro for a start.
Armanus, support for RealD glasses (polarized light) has to be done by the projecting hardware it's not something that can be done by software (unlike with color encodings). I'm sure Moviestorm will provide us with an output format that can be feed into almost all hardware to view 3D

Ben Sanders said...

The actual video that is uploaded to youtube is a left view/right view video stream, rather than the red/green or other 3d format. The youtube player handles the format.

Unknown said...

I thought 3D was cool back in the days when I had watch that Michal Jackson movie at Disney in 3D, but now 3D is just obsolete in my opinion.
I'm just waiting to be able to make my characters as teenagers or kids in Moviestorm.