Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sky light

One of the things that's been a long-standing issue is that when you change the ambient lighting, the sky changes colour too. Sometimes, that can create a cool effect, but more often than not, it's not what you wanted. We've finally fixed that, and now the sky is, as they say in the business, self-illuminating (in other words, it takes its own light colour, not the colour from other sources).

Screenshot by Amos

So? Well, it means you can get shots like this. The blue-grey lighting on the streets doesn't wash out the dramatic sky colour, and gives you a strong skyline. Neat, huh? Combined with additional lighting from on-set sources such as street lights or special effects, you can build up some really atmospheric sets.

That'll be available in Moviestorm 1.2, coming soon.

(Apologies to anyone who came here looking for little windows to put in their roofs. The wonders of Web search!)


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The screenshot is fantastic! I must say this is one thing that have always irked me a bit, and I'm really excited for 1.2 to be released now :)