Tuesday, 22 April 2008

International talent

Sitting here in Moviestorm Mansions, I suddenly became aware of the extent to which I'm surrounded by talent from all over the world. Although Moviestorm's a British endeavour, based in Cambridge, England, we've drawn our team from far afield.

Chris is the lone Brit in the art team: alongside him we have Mitch from South Africa, Xav, who's French, and Ivan from Serbia. On the Web & community side, there's not a single Brit: John's 100% Irish, Johnnie's half Irish, Lisa's from California, and Tari is Canadian. Meanwhile QA is headed up by Dave P, who's half Polish.


Anonymous said...
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BenG said...

Matt, you forgot about me :(

But I am a quarter Scottish, if that helps your argument!


Matt Kelland said...

I forgot Layla too - our art team is 60% foreign, not 80% foreign. I lose track of who works here, I really do....

Though we've got a way to go before the team gets too big to cope with. The signs of that are when (a) you don't know everyone's first name or (b) you try get some money out of the Cashpoint (ATM) to buy everyone a pint and you hit your daily withdrawal limit.

If we're going to split the UK down to its constituent nationalities, we have plenty of Scots & Welsh here too.

Spong3y said...

Wow. That sure is a team of talents that came from around the world.