Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The secrets of the springy valvey thingummy

I don't think we're being unfairly arrogant when we say that we have a lot of intelligent people working here at Moviestorm Towers. In the tradition of geeks throughout the ages, many of us are firmly caffeine-powered. Nonetheless, the complicated task of preparing the communal coffee pot in the morning seems to have eluded us, prompting our beloved CEO to pin the following notice above the coffee machine:

How to make coffee
Many people have either failed to create coffee in this machine, or have succeeded in flooding the work surface. Neither outcome is really desirable.
The key point is that the coffee cannot drain into the jug from the “brown bucket” under the “white filter thingy” unless the “springy valvey thingummy” underneath the “brown bucket” is pushed up by the top of the cover on the coffee pot.
This only works if the “brown bucket” is pushed all the way down so it touches the top of the cover on the coffee pot.
So: each time you lift the “white filter thingy” to put fresh coffee into it you MUST lift the handle on the “brown bucket” and push the bucket down THEN fold the handle back flush.
STOP AND WAIT to ensure you hear coffee falling into the jug – that “tinkle tinkle” noise is the guarantee of successful coffee brewing and dry work tops.

Thanks for your attention, happy brewing!


Matt Kelland said...

We wants a picture, Johnnie!

Synnah said...

I have no sense of coffee. I am fuelled by Coke.

twak said...

I have no sense of Coke. I am fuelled by Coca.