Thursday, 2 August 2007

Moviestorm on Digital Production Buzz

I've just come back from sunny Burbank, where I've been recording an interview for Digital Production Buzz, an excellent weekly internet radio show for indie moviemakers about the ways in which digital technology can change the way movies are made. I was supposed to be broadcasting live, but I'll actually be on a plane home at the time, so we pre-recorded the segment.

The host, Philip, was really excited by Moviestorm, even though there isn't a Mac version yet. (Real film people use Macs - I've had that well and truly drummed into me over the last two weeks!) The DPB audience is a little more hardcore than I'm used to - it's mostly people who make proper movies with, you know, cameras and actors and stuff, rather than machinimators. It's also slightly strange talking about Moviestorm on radio, when you can't show it to anyone, but it seemed to go OK.

Catch the show live tomorrow (6pm California time on Thursday), or grab it from the archives later in the week.

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mrjoyce said...

Hey Matt,
Great interview. Thanks for the nice comments on my workstyle. As for the "Real film people only use Macs" I am reminded of the phrase "Real men don't eat quiche". I know a number of people who use Macs, but almost double that number use PC's it seems to me.
See you soon

Mike Joyce