Wednesday 30 May 2007

Wanted - the best machinimators in the world!

Short Fuze wants more top-flight machinimators to show the world what Moviestorm can really do in the hands of experts. We're looking for established individuals or studios to produce absolutely top-quality movies using Moviestorm. You would be joining a small but rapidly growing team.

This is most likely to be a part-time role or freelance / contract work, and you can work from home or in our (Cambridge, UK) offices. It would involve a mixture of commissioned pieces where we are responding to requests from IPR owners (TV, movies and music) and your own original work, and we're after anything from drama and comedy to music video or experimental work. What matters is quality, delivery to time and fanatical devotion to the art. We're looking for movies that go beyond existing "gamer" machinima, and will appeal to a wider audience.

We'll provide full technical support, and you'll also get access to custom artwork and professional sound facilities. Payment terms by negotiation.

If you're interested, email me directly (matt [at] and send links to your portfolio of machinima work (in any engine) and other film work if you have it, as well as details of any machinima or film awards you have won. You will need to demonstrate your proficiency with character performance, camerawork, editing and post-production.

Please indicate what type of films you like to make and your level of technical expertise. We would particularly welcome applications from people who are making movies in languages other than English, though this is not a requirement.

Start dates vary from immediate to October 2007.

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