Monday, 14 July 2008

Triangles of Power!

How to make life complicated for your development team. Give them conflicting instructions.
  1. Simplify the user interface.
  2. Give me more functionality.

The pictures on the walls were taken from the Web. Everything else in this scene is made with standard Moviestorm assets and 1.1 preview 3. It's not about taste, it's about testing.

So they came up with these neat little triangles on the main control buttons that access the tools you need less often.

Attached to the "save" button, the "save as" feature makes a very welcome return. You have no idea how much you miss something like this until it's gone, do you? Along the same lines, we've also brought in a feature to copy a scene, which is great for experimentation or anything involving match-moving. And one more subtle change we've made is that we don't create a saved movie directory until you actually save it, so you don't end up with My Movie, part 97 cluttering up your hard disk.

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