Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cheap sunglasses

Why's Johnnie wearing shades in the office?

  1. He's got a hangover?
  2. He's on the run from Swedish hit men and is in disguise?
  3. He's not really Johnnie?
  4. He's so damn cool?
  5. He thinks he's so damn cool?
  6. He's modelling for the new Moviestorm accessories pack?
  7. He's sponsored by cheapasssunglasses.com ?
  8. He has to wear them to protect us from the laser beams in his skull?
  9. His breed don't normally go out in daylight?
  10. The sun's in his eyes? (Yeah, right. Can you see any sun in this picture?)
For the obligatory cheesy ZZ Top references, go here. Or here. Or here.


ape said...

11) pornstar's day job

Overman said...

12) Cat nap camouflage

Hugh said...

13) Protection from someone's interpretation of "web-safe colours".
14) He got into a fight with the Moviestorm codebase and lost. Badly.

AngriBuddhist said...

15) He's gone cross-eyed

equinoxx said...

16) His future's so bright...

Pineapple Pictures said...

..so he doesn't have to watch Tom's 'see more code' portrait orientation monitor?

johnnie said...

11) Nah, they wouldn't have me. Something about "no fluffer's *that* good".

12) I have a better excuse

13) It's not my fault you never calibrate your monitors properly.

14) We no longer fight. We're not on speaking terms.

15) Not true, thankfully, although I have recently started dreaming in XML.

16) Actually, a fortune teller on Whitby pier once told me I was going to die in a car crash. Mind you, I had just accused her of being a despicable con artist who exploited gullible people and who's only monetisable life skill was having a husky voice, so it's possible that there was some antagonistic bias there.

17) Are you kidding me? I can't tell you how badly I want one of those monitors. I also want an EEE pc. There's an Amazon wish list url lying around here somewhere ...

How about

18) 'cos he can wear whatever the heck he likes, and you're all just jealous because you know you'll never be as cool as him?

Honestly, who declared it "Kick Johnnie Week" when I wasn't looking? Anybody else want to contribute to making me cry myself to sleep each night? Form an orderly queue.

Anyway, in my defence, my need to wear shades for about an hour each day has already been firmly documented.

AngriBuddhist said...

"Kick Johnnie Week"?

Do we have that much material?