Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Problems with Moviestorm & nVidia card drivers

Important information for users with nVidia graphics cards - We recommend against upgrading your drivers

During our regular QA testing recently, we've found significant problems when running Moviestorm using a specific set of nVidia graphics drivers: version 190.38. These drivers were released on July 21st 2009 and are the most current nVidia drivers at the time of writing (August 2009).

We strongly recommend against upgrading your drivers to version 190.38.

Problems caused by use of these drivers include:
  • Character models deforming and warping during scene playback
  • Particle emitters (fireplaces, special effects, etc) not working at all
  • Terrain bowl around the set displaying as black
These problems seem to particularly affect graphics cards in the nVidia 8 series, but may also affect 7-series and 9-series cards. Disabling "hardware skinning" in Moviestorm's graphics settings tab can partially, but not completely, alleviate these problems.

We'll try to keep you all updated with any further news (you might want to bookmark this thread) but for the time being, avoid these drivers if you possibly can. If you're looking for previously-released nVidia drivers, nVidia keep an archive of old drivers here.

More information about the 190.38 release on nVidia's forums.


Walvince said...

Yes, I was affraid after having bought my Geforce X260 because I had the problems you say!^^
I indeed had to downgrade to make it work.

Barthold said...

The 190.57 beta driver build, which was released today, should fix this. You can find that driver here (driver download is a the bottom of the page):

NVIDIA OpenGL driver manager

Matt Kelland said...

Thanks, Barthold, we'll get the QA team to check it out.

Amos said...

The new drivers seem to have resolved all the issues, thanks for the post, Barthold!