Friday, 21 August 2009

Get used to dissipatement

Sometimes it's the small things that make the difference. Take a look at this:

That's not a clever blend of several different renders. That's pure Moviestorm, generated in a single take from one scene. We now have the ability to make objects disappear (and reappear) during the course of a movie. This is the sort of thing that you might not immediately see a use for. The longer you have it in your arsenal, though, the more useful it begins to appear.

All I've done here is set up two barrels, one on top of the other. The burnt barrel is hidden at the start, with the rusted barrel visible. I use the show/hide functionality on both objects, using the explosion to cover the transition. Silly, yes, but fun and potentially very useful.

This new bit of functionality is already working in our current development code. Hopefully, we'll be able to ship it to you as part of Moviestorm version 1.1.7. As always, our usual get-out-of-jail-free disclaimers apply, but I'm reasonably confident about this one.

Incidentally, version 1.1.7 is shaping up to be a massive release. It's straining at the seams with tasty good stuff. I think it's our most exciting release for a long time.


Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Could be very useful.

Walvince said...

WILL be very useful! Excellent idea! For the briefcase when we put it down for example, great!

Overman said...

A huge feature, I'm looking forward to making use of it!

moviestormnz said...

The timing of this is superb! I was wondering only yesterday how to make something look like it had been hit by a bomb. So thanks yet again!

Matt Kelland said...

You ask, "how to make something look like it had been hit by a bomb" - let my youngest daughter or my stepdaughter near it. That usually does the trick.

Sherwin Liu said...

I could use this visibility toggle right now as well. Awesome.