Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Well, wouldn't ya know it? The hairstyles packs were all ready to roll, and then Ben comes back from holiday, takes one look at them, and finds three issues that need fixing. So after a some soul-searching, discussion, and banging of heads on desks, we decided to hold them for another week and do them properly. The upside to this is that we can also sneak in a few more things that we were reluctantly going to leave out, so it's not all bad.

That's what QA is for, after all.

The thing is, it'll only take a couple of days to fix the problem, but we have a pretty cast-iron rule round here. Never release on Fridays or Mondays. That's a rule born of painful experience. Friday releases almost always mean "c'mon, guys, just get it out of the door and then we can all go home," rapidly followed by "oops, there's a serious problem, and nobody's around to take a look at it for three days." Monday releases almost always mean, "let's shove this out first thing and then chalk up an instant win," rapidly followed by "we did go through the whole release checklist, didn't we? errr...."

Then we get to the corollary of that rule. Don't release on Thursdays unless you're sure it's going to work. Because then when there's a problem, you have to fix it on Friday, which leads to the Friday Release Syndrome, and a good chance you'll rush the fix and get it wrong.

So that's why we try to go for Wednesday releases. We have time to check everything properly at the start of the week, and time to fix it if we screwed something up. Which means that you'll have to wait for next week for the hairstyles.

But we'll tease you a bit in the meantime. We know you love it when we do that. All the screenshots are ready, so we'll post those on the main blog and make you drool. Just a little bit. We wouldn't want you messing up your keyboards.

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