Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sci Fi MovieGifts

(Due to irritating hackery on one of our servers, I can't post anything to the main blog today, so we're using this one instead till it's fixed. Bleagh.)

Presenting the fifth of our MovieGift Facebook apps: the Sci Fi collection contains 17 of your movies, including work by the wonderful sisch, Fulkster, and iceaxe.

Other MovieGift apps include

  • Moviestorm Shorts - the 10 winners of the Keep It Snappy competition
  • The Clarks - The whole of season 1 of act3scene24's crazy sitcom
  • Northern Lasses - British humour by luxaeternam
  • Music Video - 23 vids, including Christina Aguilera, Marillion, Vice, and, errr, John McCain singing the Beach Boys!

Choose your favourite vids, send them to your Facebook friends, and introduce them to Moviestorm!

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