Thursday, 11 June 2009

Moviestorm effects 3: black and white

And a third filter for your enjoyment. Staying with the "old movies" theme for another day, this one gives you black and white. (Well, strictly speaking, from an artist's point of view, it's greyscale, but that's what we normally mean when we talk about black and white movies.)

This filter doesn't have any options associated with it yet - it just strips out all the colour information.

Usual disclaimers apply: this is really early dev code, not representative of final quality, and we don't have a release date for it.


Hugh said...


It'd be even better with some options to futz with the contrast, gamma and brightness.

twak said...

Ooooh me want cross-fades!

Will Shetterly said...

You mentioned old-film scratchiness for another effect. It would be nice if that could be used with b&w also.

And another possible effect for b&w: bad reception.

snorkel said...

Post effects can be layered (subject to CPU / GPU / memory constraints). So you will be able to put noise and scratches on top of anything.

The bad TV reception filter is already written :-)

As for cross-fading... not in the initial release, but the intention is to put the control of post effects onto the cutting room timeline so you can animate the parameters.