Friday, 6 June 2008

Customising stock sets

Moviestorm's stock sets are quite versatile. Even without moving anything around, you can create loads of different sets just by customising the assets that are already in there. This little clip shows what you can do with the bedroom blog stock set - see if you can spot how many individual items are changing with each dissolve!

Your score:
  • 60 or more - you're probably a professional set dresser
  • 40-59 - well spotted
  • 20-39 - you got the main ones
  • under 20 - blame it on the resolution
Each version of the bedroom took about 20 minutes to create, just by diving into the set workshop and clicking "customise" on everything possible. The poster images were grabbed off the Web.

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AngriBuddhist said...

I've been using Moviestorm as a basis for learning the art of machinima for the last 6 months. Along the way, learning to use software (that has been in developement for years) like Vegas Movie Studio, Gimp, Audacity, Sketchup, and the principals behind them have also been a must. It's been entirely too easy to consider Moviestorm on par (as far as developement time and resources go) with these products so nitpicking what it doesn't have seems to be more common than appreciating what it does. This short clip easily and quickly reminds me just how amazing Moviestorm is and, having begun with it, how spoiled I am.