Friday, 15 March 2013

Winner of Moviestorm BETT 2013 Future Products Survey Announced

Moviestorm are delighted to announce the winners of the BETT 2013 Future Products survey. All entrants were given a Moviestorm Education Annual licence, and the Department of Art & Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth were the winners of the prize draw, and recipients of annual Multiple Concurrent licences for the university, worth $3000! Thank you to all of you that submitted feedback to the survey.

We asked educators to tell us how to shape our future products to ensure that they deliver the ideal video creations tools to support teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Assistant Professor Joellyn Rock had this to say of the win:
"We are super excited to have Moviestorm available for creative projects on our campus. We have a growing Digital Art area within the Department of Art & Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth."
"As a digital art professor, I am always looking for ways to expand our student access to emerging technologies. I am also part of a team who are developing a new motion capture / video production VizLab studio on our campus."
"I am particularly interested in how emerging media is shaping the ways that stories can be told. My interest in machinima, avatars, and game engines led me to Moviestorm as a tool for creating digital narratives. I am especially excited by it’s cinematic tools, allowing the user to think like a filmmaker."
“I plan to use Moviestorm with students in several classes I teach. Students will create characters and interactive scenarios for digital narrative assignments. They may use the Moviestorm tools for previsualization on filmmaking projects. Some may generate animated sequences to remix with live action video. Others may explore customizing avatars and backgrounds for use in game prototyping. Students in our new Media Arts Club on campus may experiment with creative uses of Moviestorm in their collaborative projects in the Multimedia Hub."

“A few years ago, I created the Digital Art Workshop for Youth as a way for local middle-school students to be mentored by college students in our Digital Methods in Art Education class. Perhaps this year they will also have the chance to collaborate on animating characters using Moviestorm in our lab."
“The students and faculty at University of Minnesota Duluth thank you for making Moviestorm a new tool available for our use in diverse areas of creative project collaboration."

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