Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Getting sorted

Once you've made a lot of Moviestorm movies, it's easy to lose track of which is which. Yes, they've all got unique names, but usually when you load up a movie, you want to go to the one you were last working on. It's buried somewhere in there, but you have to scroll through and find it. It's even more annoying when you can't quite remember what you called it - was it Jim and Joe's fight test or Jim fist fight? At least, that's the sort of thing we're always faced with.

We're currently in the process of making two small changes to the load movie screen. In the bottom left, you now have the option to order movies by date, so your most recent movie will always be at the top.

Also, you'll notice some movies have yellow blobs on. This temporary icon indicates that there are backups of the movie available. You now have the option to load the most recent version with the tick (check mark) as normal, or else you can use the recycle button to bring up a list of backups and you can load one of those instead.


Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Love it!- Kate

Anonymous said...
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