Friday, 5 November 2010

Damn Limeys! Can't you speak English?

If you were paying close attention, you'd have noticed that we updated the Happy Holidays pack yesterday, and added in a whole bunch of new things, including a big pile of assets suitable for a fabulous Thanksgiving spread.

Like this. Pretty, isn't it?

And then we realised what we'd done.

On the table there, if you look carefully, you'll see a bunch of tasty veggies including aubergines, courgettes, and gourds. Which is all very well, except, of course, in America, they're eggplants, zucchini and squashes. Normally, of course, we'd defiantly assert our Britishness and leave the English* words in, but we don't do Thanksgiving in the UK. It's a purely American festival, so it would make sense to use the American words.

So, after a bit of humming and hahing, and a certain amount of finger-pointing, with a little bit of agonizing and buck-passing for good measure, we decided we'd better put out an update to the update with American words in. That's now been built and tested, and we'll ship it early next week. So, if you want to see an aubergine in Moviestorm, grab it now, because at midnight** it turns back into an eggplant.
* Courgette is, of course, a French word. Unlike zucchini, which is Italian. That's the English language for you.
** By midnight, we mean some arbitrary time of day at some point next week. It'll be midnight somewhere in the world.


primaveranz said...

So in the interests of balance can we have some Left-Hand Drive vehicles now ;)

primaveranz said...
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Gravitywell Productions said...

As an American I find it funny you're trying so hard. Do you have that many American MS subscribers?

Matt Kelland said...

Over 50% of our users are Americans.

primaveranz said...

Of course I meant left-hand drive as I look at it...just before I get run down in the street ;)

primaveranz said...
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