Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The adventures of Moviestorm in the 3rd dimension

Created in Moviestorm

You may have noticed this little gem from Chris over on the Web site. Yes, those are steps and stairs and balconies. And yes, one day soon, my machinimating friends, your little Moviestorm people will be able to walk up and down them, gaze down on their minions below, or recite poetry to their beloved up above.

Not only does this mean you can make many more different types of sets, but it completely changes the options for more interesting visual composition.


Hugh said...

Oh, thank goodness.

The more I work with Moviestorm, the more I wish for a third dimension. The flatness really gets to you after a while.

Really glad to see this is coming.

Overman said...

Very exciting! I can't wait.

sisch said...

I'm getting sweaty hands and loads of ideas here! :)