Monday, 20 October 2008

Be wery wery qwiet - she's running for Vice President

Not content with staging a lightsaber battle in the Oval Office, the elusive HappyToast has created an Elmer Fudd cartoon staring everyone's favourite gun-toting potential Vice President Sarah Palin as the eponymous hunter.

HappyToast has sneakily managed to acquire a preview of some of the new shotgun animations from the forthcoming Law Enforcement & Crime content pack[1]. Combined with the Sarah Palin lookalike from the US Election 2008 pack it makes for a very effective satire.

[1] When it's ready.© Well, honestly - what did you expect?


equinoxx said...

The shotgun animations look great (and readily applicable to other types of rifles, for the most part).

What pack will include the "signs falling off of things"? :)

sisch said...

Looking great, and great fun!
I especially liked her shouldering the gun, very cool!