Thursday, 14 February 2008

From the QA cave:

After the release of Moviestorm 1.0.3 on Monday, a number of changes were checked in which broke a large variety of things. Here is the first Bug of the Day, direct from ShortFuze QA:

[edit: twak]
here's another -

And while we're at lowering the tone here's the original moviestorm logo (that we only just took out of the distro...)

When your logo is wordart, the only direction is up ;)


Synnah said...

It is a perfect... logo!

Actually, it's terrible. What were we thinking?

Matt Kelland said...

We were thinking - we have to do a presentation to potential investors in about 3 hours and we have to do something to make this bloody Word document and the screen mockups look a bit nicer and my copy of Photoshop is on my other computer... yep, WordArt is the way to go!

Then, like all real temporary fixes, we left it there for nearly three years.

Anonymous said...
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