Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Field of Depth of Field

Well after a week of swearing at the keyboard Mr. G's got depth of field up and running. It's looking really good and runs in real time, but will only be available on high end video cards. We're in a period of "consolidation"* so it'll be a little while before it's integrated and shipped.

* bug hunting. "No more new features until you've cleaned your bedroom".


Matt K said...

You gotta love programmers. "Can we have this really cool feature?" you ask innocently one day. "No, it's really difficult," they say. "Oh," you say, and look disappointed in their mad ninja coding skillz.

Then within a week, they show you a prototype of what you wanted.

twak said...

I think the trick is to 1) tell them to fix nasty bugs, 2) mention that a certain feature might be cool, but not to spend any time on it & 3) leave the office for a week ;)